There is nothing quite like Belmacz.

Launched in 2000 to show one of a kind jewels, Belmacz is today located in a Regency townhouse on Davies Street in Mayfair. Belmacz shows unique jewels conceived by its creator Julia Muggenburg, alongside contemporary art, ancient objects and its in house; balms, eye colours, glosses and powders with 24ct gold leaf.
At the Belmacz Gallery an annual exhibition programme rotates between solo and group shows.

Art and jewels are in dialogue with one another. The two-story space is a platform for emerging and well established contemporary local and internationl artists.  Julia Muggenburg has a keen interest in innovative artists of today. Works that strike her as interesting and perhaps will be a catalyst for change are displayed.
Raised in Düsseldorf, Germany, Julia moved to London to study fine art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.The first jewels were created by Julia to fullfil her own need for sensuous, architectural and iconic gems. Rooted in ancient craft traditions, yet boldly contemporary, Belmacz jewellery evokes a twenty-first century take on the status-affirming ceremonial adornments worn by tribal chiefs, patriarchs and paragons of style.

“Empowering primeval-modern ornaments for today’s cool, intellectual, urban warrior,” wrote Vivienne Becker (journalist and jewellery historian) describing them.
Redefining such universal forms as the ring, the cuff, or the necklace, Belmacz pieces are a personal form of self expression made to enhance the wearer, empower and give joy.

Belmacz Gallery