01.12.14 – 10.01.15

The Nutcracker


"Now Art should never try to be popular. The public should try to make itself artistic."

— Oscar Wilde


Julia Muggenburg is delighted to announce the exhibition The Nutcracker, which shows works by the following artists:


Guilherme Dable

Hanna Mattes

Joel Tomlin

Julia Peirone

Luke Gottelier

Martin Heron

Mary Ann Aitken

Massimo Nordio

Mimei Thompson

Paul Housley

Paul Kindersley

Paul Schneider

Phil Root

Simon Mullan

Sven-Ole Frahm

Tim Berresheim


This group show is intending to push the boundaries of the spontaneous interaction of works with one another, not unlike dance. The Nutcracker is considered a timeless score and is a staple of the winter season.

12.01.15 – 21.02.15

Unexpected Encounters


Kasia Depta-Garapich & Stanisław Wejman



MK: "... I made it a little spicier. Put in more brown and white and sex. Were you the one who taught me to smoke?"


AM: "I thought you said I couldn't smoke right."


MK: "Someone must be to blame. Collaboration is when you contemplate art or behavioural patterns or monkeys and butterflies for a certain measure of time, that then is collaboration...”


Picture a Moon, Shining in the Sky, Conversation with Martin Kippenberger (and Ariane Muller)

Starship 2013, page 42-43 


Unexpected Encounters is a conversation between two artists of different generations. Their conversation began around disposable objects that became works of art almost against the intention.


For over two decades Stanisław Wejman a devotee smoker, consuming several cigarette packets a day is painting over their health warning signs, a deliberate act of mischief, beautification, denial and defiance. Over time his instinctive action and compulsion grew into an obsession with a mountain of cigarette packets being the testimony.


The conversation between Stanisław Wejman and Kasia Depta-Garapich led them to the subjects of intention and outcome, uniqueness and multiplicity, oval and square forms or colour versus white. Unifying contradictions are a starting point for Kasia Depta-Garapich’s sculptures that frame this show. Initially it was not expected that Stanisław Wejman’s works would be contemplated in a formal gallery setting.


The conversation continues...