28.03.17 – 20.05.17

Hanna Mattes: Searching for the Cold Spot


Belmacz is looking forward to ‘Searching for the Cold Spot’, Hanna Mattes first solo show in London and at the gallery. The exhibition will coincide with the launch of a publication of the same title, her first photographic monograph. 

Through analogue photographs, Hanna Mattes, shoots meteorite craters, rocks of cosmic origin and breathtakingly delicate minerals. On her search for craters created by meteor impacts, she traveled vast part of the US and the Canary Islands. For these manifestations and legendary location, Mattes has developed a distinct visual interpretation, neither purely documentary nor in the realm of the esoteric. Simultaneously, she has scoured the collections of minerals within several Museums of Natural History for special remains from the interplanetary space; i.e. ores, opals and quartz crystals. The photographs, alienated with watercolours, capture the mysteries and the fantastical relics without bereaving them of their secrets or their spell. Hanna Mattes’ ‘Searching for the Cold Spot’ stimulates a metaphysical contemplation of the life-giving, but also life-destructive forces of meteorites and minerals.