Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger


Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger born in 1985 in Vienna, Austria. First UK solo exhibition this is (not) the time to (get up and) walk away, Belmacz, London (2017). Guggenberger studied social & cultural anthropology, Arabic and Islamic studies in Vienna and Pakistan, Fine Art at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Pawel Althamer and Julian Goethe. She travelled, lived, worked and researched in Austria, Romania, Ukraine, Armenia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Yemen and Bangladesh. Guggenberger has showed / performed in London, Austria, Odessa and Beirut, and speaks German, English, Urdu, French, Romanian and Arabic. Her work explores migration between high and low culture, western and eastern perception of art and social contextualization.

while the radio kept blaring incessantly, 2015
porcelain, foam, dimensions variable
sonatenhaupt (sonata main proposition), 2017
paper, metal, thread 194 x 107 x 74 cm
it was very hot, but the spirit was then walking amplified, 2017
concrete, ceramics, metal, 24 x 36 x 22 cm
basis 5 (eselpositiv), 2017
concrete, metal, 113 x 65 x 55 cm
Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger, o.T. (hat I & hat II), 2017
porcelain, wood
Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger, o.T. (hat), 2017
he didn’t tell anything to his dogs (but it was also not snowing), 2017
plastic bags, linen, 119 x 84 x 15 cm
o.T. ( e Qalandar‘s), 2017
kalangi, metal, 86 x 30.5 x 18 cm
Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger, long gone / neither here nor there, 2017
epdm, fabric, metal
Porzellanfuß, 2015
porcelain, 50 x 23 x 10 cm